Putting Trust in Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless cars are coming sooner than you think, and I’m not sure how to completely feel about it. Yes it sounds great and it easy to see that’s where society is heading, but it does not come without complications. Such as the ethical and moral programming that will be placed into these machines and whether it is okay to put such decisions into the hands of a machine.

Some of these problems include at what expense does the car protect the passenger over the civilians in case of brake failure or other issues. I came across a website Moral Machines that puts different scenarios into effect and lets you decide what decision should be made. I had quite the hard time with most of them and would suggest those reading to try it out for themselves.

No matter how advanced we think technology has become, there will simply be things that are better left to be decided by human intelligence.  I think it’s important to have these ethical and moral decisions to be regulated among the vehicles, country to country. This is just one of the many debatable issues when it comes to autonomous vehicles. Millions of people are making decisions on moral and ethical dilemmas right this instant. Should the outcome by a driverless car be determined by ethics or data?

If determined that the autonomous car should favour public safety over its own passengers I’m sure this information would shrink the market for these vehicles due to people not feeling comfortable with that. I am one of those people who can’t just yet put all my trust into artificial intelligence to keep me safe at all times, but I am sure we will soon see a solution to these issues as they are still developing.



4 thoughts on “Putting Trust in Autonomous Vehicles

  1. Great post on an interesting issue and the website you shared was something I’ve never heard of before. I’m really excited to see the adoption of autonomous vehicles in the future and the technology seems to be developing so quickly that it will be a reality in no time.


  2. Great post, I found the link you provided very valuable in understanding the complexity of the programming. I think there will be a lot controversy around these programming decisions regardless if they favour public or passenger safety.


  3. Very interesting topic. I’ve been in a vehicle that was able to drive itself for a short period of time. I found myself slightly uncomfortable but was so amazed with how well it worked. I am excited to see how far we go with autonomous vehicles. Although I think it will take a lot of time for people to get comfortable to and for the technology to develop a bit further, I think it will provide greater rewards.

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