Growth in Leadership

Leadership can come in many different forms and at different times. Sometimes you are ready for the moment to lead, other times you are thrown in the ring of fire and its up to your to find your way through. I, along with my teammates were in this position a couple years ago when a majority of freshmen decided to attend Nipissing University for school and basketball. It was up to us to determine where we wanted to go, and how we would get there as a unit. This leads me into the following topic of my past weekend experience.

This past weekend was a weekend of first for me. Being that it was the first games I have ever had to miss, due to a sprained ankle, in my three years of being a member of the Nipissing University varsity men’s basketball team. Being on the sideline during competition is much different than being out there battling. Earlier last week when realized I may be missing the next game there were two outcomes that could have unfolded. On one hand I could have sulked and been extremely disappointed, on the other I could view this as a positive opportunity for me to see things from a different perspective.

I made the decision that I would not let this minor issue get the best of me, but rather give my team the best version of me possible. Which came through giving them energy and positive feedback and acting as an extra pair of eyes out there. It was then I realized what a far way I have come. If this was me two years ago, I probably would have went into a shell and not have been very helpful to my team, but I found ways to encourage my guys and give them confidence. My coach always tells us, “If you aren’t an energy giver, you’re an energy taker” and this has always stuck with me.


Over the course of the weekend we traveled to Kingston, ON, to play against Queens University, where we won by 9 points. Right after that night we traveled straight to Toronto, ON, to play York University, where we won a hard fought game by just two points. It was on the bus ride back to North bay that night when I realized I did have a successful weekend, even if I was not physically out there. My teammates did a great job and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the results. With that being said, my health is close to 100% and I look forward to helping lead my team next weekend when we take on Guelph and Lakehead University at 8 pm, February 3rd and 4th at home, RJ Surtees Athletic Centre.


“Leadership cannot really be taught. It can only be learned.”

– Harold S. Geneen


Click here if you want a more detailed look at our weekend and a chance to view what we have coming up next.

Also feel free to follow our team instagram account @nulakersmbb or twitter @nulakersmbb to keep up with our adventures!


Thanks for taking your time catching up on my scrambled thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Growth in Leadership

  1. Jerron, great blog! I like that you chose a topic close to your heart. I have a friend going through a similar situation on their team, and it was interesting to see the way you handled this situation compared to how they handled their situation. I think this relates to the concept of diversity in leadership that you mentioned, how everyone is in a different stages of leadership. I enjoyed reading your reflection about how you would have handled this situation two years earlier, this relates back to your title of “growth in leadership”. I noticed the details of your blog as well, and I liked how you generated searchable tags and also incorporated a link to the NU Lakers Athletics page where there was a great post about the games you mentioned here. Finally. I liked your sign-off and found it was a great personal twist to the typical way of ending a post. Keep it up!

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    1. Thanks for the reply, I think its important to be aware of where you might be when it comes to the way you handle situations. We are all different and will choose to hand some things differently. The essential part is when we can learn from past mistakes and remain positive on what the future holds in store. With that being said, I wanted this post to really reflect where I am at in life my right, while knowing it wont be the same as I will be in another two years.


  2. Great post Jerron! I think that many people undervalue the leadership skills that don’t put a leader directly into the situation they are trying to lead. There is always something you can do, and being innovative about ways to take charge is awesome. I’m glad that you got to grow as a leader, and hopefully a university experience helps us to all grow as leaders. That quote from your coach is excellent as well!

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