Your Lakers are moving onto the Elite 8!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 was a historic night at the Robert J. Surtees Athletic Centre, as your Nipissing University Men’s basketball team hosted their first ever playoff game in the short 3 year existence of the program. We took on  Queens University in a hard fought battle and earned a 3 point win, as well as securing our spot in the last 8 teams left in the OUA. Next up is a meeting with Nationally #3 ranked  Ryerson University, which will take place the coming Saturday night, 8 pm, February 25 at the old Maple Leafs Gardens. Below you will find a brief recap video of the game, as well a link to the local North Bay Nugget newspaper recap.


Leading up to the event, what interested me was how all the Nipissing University Lakers social media accounts were well integrated with their marketing message and communications. There was a consistent message across all three major platforms, being Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It was a clear message, that no one would miss that the playoffs were cominc5nifycxuaaiuqsg up and it was an exciting time. The only criticism I have is how the start of playoffs would occur during the middle of University students reading week, it would have been much more effective if it occurred the week after but that is beyond our control.

I have noticed significant improvement in the way Nipissing University handles their social media. Within the three years I have been around the growth and consistency of usage has been an important factor in engaging the student body and local community. In a way the platform they currently provide is user generated content. The content is coming from the students themselves of the university, who just happen to take part in Sport activities. It is useful when people can see familiar faces, of their fellow peers, it gives a sense of not only supporting your school team but also supporting your classmates and fellow students. Do any of you guys agree with this thought, that you are more likely to support when you see familiar faces?


I look forward to keeping you guys updated on our journey. Thanks for keeping up with my scrambled thoughts.


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